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5 amazing interior wallpaper design ideas

Having a particular color for your room is great, but why stop there? Explore the full potential of your room with wallpapers that are designed to highlight the character of your living space. In addition to being a style statement, an ideal wallpaper could also keep the room light to the eye by diffusing the light within the rooms too.
If you are searching for wallpaper shops in Dubai, it’s possible to get drowned in a sea of choices that you could opt for. At Al Nibras, we take special care in addressing your needs to decide on the right wallpaper for the mood, lighting, and space within your living area.
Here are five really cool wallpaper ideas that are not just smart, but affordable too.

Make your bedroom look bigger

Regardless of the size of your bedroom, the space within can be made to look bigger using soft wallpaper colors and patterns. Soft colors often diffuse the internal lighting to make it less hard on the eye, making the room ideal for relaxation.
It’s important to note that having a random soft color won’t work here. Each room has a particular vibe that you expect to get when you are in there, so combinations of wallpaper patterns with soft or neutral colors could be a start.
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If you are unsure about deciding the right wallpaper color for your room, look for the most prominent colors of the furniture in your room. Either complement those colors or use slightly softer shades of that particular color to make the furniture the focal point of your room.

Let everyone see ‘the’ wall

For rooms where you haven’t decided on the focal point, try making the prominent wall in the room the star attraction. This can be made by applying classy long print wallpapers, marble textured wallpapers, and a range of other wallpaper design choices.
When you apply such timeless wallpapers to a single wall, the overall feel of the room is set to match it and every visitor will instantly get the premium feel of the room without actually spending lots in revamping the room.
One other thing you could focus on here is to complement the wallpaper with proper lamps or curtains or drapes if there are any windows nearby. This could add a layer of sophistication to the already well-maintained wall that attracts all the attention.

Tone your lights with wallpapers

Often, rooms that get plenty of lighting can be stressful to the eyes and could do the opposite effect if you’re not careful. This could happen if you live in a place with more sunlight on average or if the existing lighting is a bit too bright for your liking.
Based on the availability of light, you could either choose bright, reflective wallpapers or dark, muted wallpapers to dim the lighting. While the reflective wallpapers spread the light evenly across the room, muted wallpapers absorb light and tone down the overall lighting in the room.
5 tips to elevate your sofa setting in your living room
Light adjustment using wallpapers has one crucial benefit too – they can be used to showcase your furniture in a new light without much effort. Contrasting wallpapers can make the sofa and tables stand out, changing the look and feel of your room in no time.

One wallpaper, multiple uses

So far we saw how wallpapers either complement or be the star attraction of rooms. But there are cases when the space is too limited for the wallpaper to stand out, so rather than being zoned out, they serve dual purposes.
Take, for example, a living room that doubles up as a study room at night. Or say a kitchen with a dining table on the corner, all have separate vibes that make them unique. Combining contrasting colors or having the same patterns that are suitable for both settings is key here. For living spaces that are also used as a study, make sure the shades are bright for a relaxed feeling that helps you focus more. The wall closest to the dining table could be given a contrasting color than that of the kitchen. The contrasting wallpaper elevates the dining room table and separates it from the kitchen without any physical barriers.

Let the wallpaper set the mood

Any room, entryway, or enclosed space can be given a character with wallpapers. While solid lines and graphics create a modern minimalist view of the room, full-length wallpapers with blushed colors create a lighter atmosphere within your living space.
5 tips to elevate your sofa setting in your living room
With wallpapers, any vertical surface can be used to properly control sunlight in addition to curtains, blinds, and other window treatments. What’s more, like any other window treatment, they can be used to highlight furniture, sofa, or any other focal pieces that define your room.
Costing lesser than a paint job per square foot, wallpapers can easily be tested out to see how a particular design or pattern creates the mood within your room. Also, having an infinite number of choices in colors and patterns, wallpapers are always an affordable choice for room overhauls.

Let your room shine

Being one of the most trusted curtains suppliers in Dubai, our customers always come up with ideas that they want to test out in their rooms. We maintain a huge collection of Wallpapers, blinds, blackout curtains, and other window treatments to make our customer journey simpler while helping them explore their choices.
At Al Nibras, we love to bring awareness to the various forms of window and wall treatments and help our customers make the best choice within their budget and space. Head out to our website if you are looking for the best quality curtains and other window treatments in Dubai.

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