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5 tips to elevate your sofa setting in your living room

Imagine having a splendid sofa in an empty room. Even with all the comfort, you’d still feel the emptiness which may make the experience less than optimal. It takes the right mix of essential accessories to complement your perfect sofa and spruce up your living room. Here are some of them.

Cozy Carpets and Area rugs

No matter how cozy or supple your sofa may feel, nothing can distort the vibe of a room more than badly chosen area rugs. The right choice of carpets could even elevate the looks of your room, creating a relaxed feeling fit enough to spend time on the sofa.
More than just the color and comfort beneath the sofa, it is important to select the right size of area rugs for your room as well. Both oversized or inappropriately small rugs could spoil the looks of your room all together. As a rule of thumb, try putting all your furniture on the rug. Also, ensure at least ten to twenty inches of bare floor between your wall and the edges of the area rug. For carpets, make sure the fabric used is not hard on the feet and covers the entire floor area.
5 tips to elevate your sofa setting in your living room

At Al Nibras we take special care to advise our customers to choose area rugs and carpets that match the look and feel of their rooms. From sofa and upholstery services to carpet installation in Dubai, we’ve helped a wide range of customers get the best experience out of their living spaces.

Wall colors

After floor rugs, it’s time to look at your walls. Walls are the backdrop to everything within your room and it is certainly necessary to have the right colors for your walls to complement or properly contrast every other aspect of your room.
Dark sofas usually stand out in brightly colored rooms, coupled with contrasting curtains or area rugs. Soothing colors can create seamless living room experiences with the right furniture choices too. Monochromatic styles have been in fashion for quite a while now, but having a color scheme that matches the accessories in the room is essential. One common mistake people make while coloring their walls is to make it either too bright or too drab, creating an unattractive frame of reference for everything within the living room. Having served budget-oriented customers to pure luxury-loving homeowners, Al Nibras takes special care in recommending the right choice of room accessories to create the best possible living space experience.
5 tips to elevate your sofa setting in your living room


Honesty, empty walls look tasteless if every other aspect of your room is spot on. Having the proper color for walls is just not enough, considering how well you could create proportionate walls that take the look and feel of the room to the next level.
Understandably, the taste in art varies from person to person. Also, art needn’t be expensive or rare either. Although there is no best way to decide what should go on your walls, one thing is clear – wall hangings add a level of sophistication to otherwise plain walls. One thing that needs to be avoided at all costs is the showroom feel that posh rooms often have. What rooms need is personalization. But when adding more detail to rooms go overboard, they look stuffed with carefully arranged accessories littered all over the place. Avoid this at all costs.

Proper lighting

The colors and patterns of accessories in your room can only be emphasized with the right amount of lighting. Be that stunning chandelier or just a lamp hung from the ceiling, proper lighting is essential to elevate the look of your sofa and the room in general.
Based on the nature of rooms, you could either go for a singular light source to light up the entire living space or choose multiple lighting sources, especially for reading rooms where individual lighting is more preferred for focused reading.

Curtains and drapes

For rooms that get plenty of sunlight during the day, there is a high chance that the furniture and sofas in it could get discolored due to ultraviolet rays. This is a common problem that most of us overlook as the changes show up only over time.
5 tips to elevate your sofa setting in your living room

It’s therefore important to have the right curtains installed to keep your furniture safe as well as give your room a distinctive look that matches the feel you are looking for.
One other advantage that curtains provide your living space is temperature regulation which is crucial for maintaining the cozy environment within the room. Drapes that are made out of cotton are known to keep rooms heated up during winters and relatively cool during summers due to their insulative property.
Being one of the most widespread suppliers and installers of carpets, upholstery, and other living space essentials in Dubai, Al Nibras helps customers with key insights and choices to create the right setting for their rooms.

Please visit our website to know more about the entire range of services that we offer our customers.

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