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Types of sofa that sync with any living room decor

Most of us spend the maximum amount of time choosing the right sofa for our home. This is because it serves as the functional point where the family spends most of the time. Not just that, the living room sofa is something that your guests see when they visit your home. So the decision should be made wisely. It is very much necessary to balance the comfort and aesthetics when choosing your dream seating. Some types of sofas can add beauty to any type of decor. A few are listed in this blog

Chesterfield sofa

This is an all time favorite model of sofa. In these types of sofa the arm rest is rolled and has the same height as that of the backrest. Usually these had been used in french model houses and had been considered to be more of a classic type of sofa. But nowadays people are trying to blend in modern and classic decor together to make your homes stand out differently and this is why chesterfield sofas are in great demand. For the Best Sofas in Dubai choose Al Nibras.


The famous sofa for two, that is what the loveseat is all about. These types of cozy and cute seatings will definitely look lovely no matter the style of decor that is used in your home. This is mainly for homes that are not very spacious and also encompasses one with few people living in it. The Best Loveseats are available at Al Nibras, Dubai.

Mid century modern sofa

People are in awe of minimalistic design these days. The Mid Century Sofa are sleek and trendy and mostly used in modern homes. But when using the right color and pattern can be coupled up with a little classic style of homes too. Both traditional and non-traditional items like vinyl, velvet or wool can be used in building up this kind of sofa.


This is a slightly different form of the normally used diwans and are commonly used with different kinds of diwans these days. They have two raised edges and also a slightly raised backrest. So these can be placed anywhere in the room. Daybeds can be customized in varying colors and patterns and can be made to match the decor of your preferences.

Sectional sofas

This is seen in most homes these days. They are also known as modular sofas and are apt for big families. They are usually divided into three or four sections and can be a great hangout place for a lot of family members. Al Nibras can proudly display a huge collection of Sectional Sofas that can be matched with any decor and that can be modified according to your taste.

Recliner sofa

Sofas do not just add beauty to your decor, but are also a great place to rest and enjoy. Recliners are the type of sofa that gained popularity during the covid time as people used to spend more time in their homes and were always wanting furniture that is cozy and comfortable. Many have replaced their existing ones with recliners that match their interiors and decor too. This type of sofa can recline its back to a lower position and also extend the leg making it an ideal place for watching tv and taking slight daytime naps too.

Tuxedo sofa

These are the square type of sofas that can fit into living rooms that are of different styles. Different colors and materials are used by homeowners around the world to make the tuxedo sofas beautiful and attractive. They have sharp and 90 degree corners that give a modern yet classy look to the entire room. There has been constant research happening in the field of furniture too over the years that has resulted in the creation of furniture that are catered to fit different interiors and matches the type of decor that is used in your place of stay. Sofas are designed differently in varying patterns for homes and offices. If you are looking for a good place to have a head start then Al Nibras would definitely be a good choice for you.
The material used also plays an important part of your furniture as it can be chosen based on the other features you have already added to the room like the wallpapers, wall paint and the other piece of furniture. Fabric, leather, leather and faux leather are a few of the most commonly used materials these days. Choosing the right furniture for your decor is quite easy for you at Al Nibras. Visit and experience the best products at the best price at our Dubai store.

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