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The best curtains that you can use year round no matter what season it is.

Unlike olden times, now we have a lot of options when deciding to choose a window shade for our home. There are draperies, blinds and many other different types of window coverings that can make your living space look beautiful. These days window treatments have become a trivial part of home interiors that they also depict your style and personality. Now if it is difficult for you to choose one, then this blog will explain the different ways in which one can layer your window treatments.

The base shade is important

Choosing the base shade can definitely depend upon the style and decor of the entire room. If your space looks more modern and trendy you can choose shades that best match such a look. Bright and bold colors can go well here. Whereas if it is a traditional home, it is advisable to choose colors that are light and subtle. The base shade is also important as it is also beneficial in blocking the amount of light that comes in. Not just that, decide the shade based on the extent of privacy you need to have. If you stay in apartments that have higher floors then it is alright to choose lighter colors as base shades. If you are staying in lower floors then choose shades with darker hues for better privacy.

The right base treatment

The next best thing to do after choosing the right shade is to decide on what type of treatment you would like to have for your windows. Shutters are one of the options that can be chosen. They can be designed to fit any size and shape and are usually made of fabric, vinyl or even glass. Another type of base treatment that people like to use commonly are blinds. Select the Best Blinds In Dubai for your home from Al Nibras. These consist of vertical or horizontal slats that can be lowered or raised with the help of a code. Even though wood has been used to make blinds traditionally, there are people who have started to think about using fabrics and faux wood for their blinds too. Shades have gained a lot of popularity as base treatment in recent times. Unlike blinds, shades are made of a continuous piece of fabric and can be raised and lowered using a cord like the blinds. They are less complicated and are quite easy to clean too.

The right top layer

The top layer is more about beauty and aesthetics. The base layer has already taken care of the other trivial things like lighting, heat and privacy. The most commonly used and easily available type of top layer are the curtains. For the Best Curtains In Dubai, choose from a variety of ones available at Al Nibras. The advantage is that curtains are available in different shades and there won’t be any difficulty in choosing one that matches the base layer. Moreover they are transparent enough not to block the entire light that is coming into the room. Draperies that are most commonly addressed as drapes are also a form of curtain that only differs in the type of material used. They will be slightly heavier and opaque when compared to normal curtains. Whether it be curtains or drapes, Al Nibras has a huge collection from which our customers will be happy to choose from. Valences are also often used as a layer to an existing bottom layer of window treatments. They are just short decorative pieces of drapes that run horizontally on the topmost part of a window treatment. If using the right color and design, it can be coupled up with a beautiful button layer of window covering.

Widely used pairings

Any two types of coverings can be paired aesthetically. But there are a few combinations that are famous and most loved by homeowners. Drapes will look both beautiful and convenient under blinds. A more transparent form of drapes like sheers can also be layered beautifully over blinds or shades. Some people prefer to have flowy window treatments like curtains for a good ambience. But many times curtains cannot block the light that is falling inside the room. This is when such layering becomes helpful. Curtains or blinds can be topped with valances that are of matching shades to add beauty to your rooms.These are just a few methods of combination coverings. Designers will be able to create more unique designs that can convert your living space into an aesthetically beautiful and comfortable place to stay.

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